Designed To Last A Lifetime



The Ultimate Endurance Test

Designed to emulate the robustness of hard boards while maintaining the convenience of inflatables, our Cruise board triumphed over every obstacle thrown it's way.

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Market Leading Warranty

As the first brand to launch a 5 year warranty you can trust that Bluefin SUP's are built to last and wont let you down. All our SUP's use Marine grade standard materials and are constructed to withstand any element. From time to time we know the unexpected can happen, but we are so confident in our boards that they all come with a 5 year warranty. If you need anything just get in touch and we will respond within 24 hours!

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Designed By A Team Of Industry Experts

Expert Research & Development

Our UK design team are passionate about SUP and embrace the believe that we are more than just a brand but family. We want you to be proud to own a Bluefin SUP so you can worry less about what people think and worry more about where your next adventure might be.

Tested Beyond The Limits

We make sure all our boards are put through rigorous test procedures to give you peace of mind no matter what storm you might face. Find out more about how we test our boards and what makes Bluefin best in class when it comes to durability.

As Stiff As A Hard Board

Fill your board to the max worry free, with all our SUP's having a max inflation pressure of 28PSI. To put things into perspective, thats almost the same as a car tyre! We have tested our boards above and beyond the limits making sure theres no unhappy accidents coming your way but only good vibes.

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Why Bluefin?

When people use a Bluefin SUP and then find out they are inflatable they can't understand how? It all comes down to the material and construction, All our SUP's are made usingMarine Grade ESL Dropstitch.

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Double Layer Construction

The use of a double-layer construction significantly enhances the SUPs durability compared to less expensive single-layer alternatives.

Thermosealed Deckpad

This specialised deckpad ensures superior grip and longevity by employing a unique sealing process that prevents peeling, enhancing the performance and durability of the paddle board.

ESL Technology

Our boards feature ESL (Exo Surface Laminate) Technology, which provides unparalleled rigidity and eliminates flex, setting them apart as the most rigid options available in the market.

Marine Grade Construction

Utilising marine-grade construction, our boards boast exceptional durability, rendering them nearly impossible to punctures and ensuring prolonged performance on the water.

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