Carry Strap

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Your Ultimate SUP Carry Companion

Easy To Store

Compact and convenient, our carry strap folds down to 25 x 20 cm, sliding effortlessly into SUP bags or pockets for easy transport. Its portability ensures you can bring it aboard, ready for use on your next shore.

Easy To Transport

Give your arms a rest, our carry strap is designed to comfortably ferry your SUP to the shoreline. Capable of supporting weights up to 70kg and accommodating boards as long as 15'7, it's the ultimate companion for your water-bound adventures.

Built To Last

Designed by industry professionals and constructed with high quality 600D webbing, resistant to wear and tear. Our confidence in our accessories is reflected in our 1-year warranty offering.

Adjustable Length

Accommodating boards as long as 15'7 and as short as our junior 8' you can use this on all our boards and kayaks.

Convenient Carry Pouch

When you've got to the shore pack your carry strap into the carry pouch to transport to your next location.

Shoulder Padding

The thick shoulder padding ensures comfort during transportation, reducing pressure on the shoulder.

Durable Design

Built with high quality materials to last, the durable webbing can carry a weight of up to 70kg.